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Advice When Applying


Every one of our employees plays a crucial part of the vibrant Country Club experience. We want to ensure that we select the best people who have a passion for delivering exceptional customer service where lasting memories are created. When applying for any position, it is an opportunity for you to tell us your story, your experience, qualifications and what you can bring to the Country Club experience. Below are some general tips to assist you with your application.

Your Cover Letter

This is your opportunity to tell us why you want the position, what you will bring to the position and why you think you will be a good team fit at the Country Club. We also want to hear your story, to fill in any gaps in your resume or to explain your career moves. You should also address the position’s selection criteria and don’t forget to include your contact details. Remember, this is your opportunity to make a positive first impression to the Recruiter along with your resume.

Your Resume

Ensure your resume is tailored to the position you are applying for and that you can demonstrate you have the skills and experience to be considered for the role. Be proud of your achievements and list these in your resume. Where possible, explain any gaps in time in your resume and make sure your contact details are accurate and up to date, especially for referees if you have listed them. If you are listing referees, ideally we are seeking two professional referees as a direct supervisor/manager/owner. Your resume should be a reflection of who you are, so feel free to include your voluntary experience, outside interests and hobbies.

Attending Your Interview

Before attending your interview, research the company and the role you have applied for. You should find information on our website and you may know friends or family who work at the Country Club. You may wish to visit the Country Club before your interview, to ensure you know where to go and gain an understanding of your potential new working environment.

Our general recruitment process may cover all or some of the below steps:

  • Review application submitted and supporting documents
  • Phone screening with shortlisted applicants
  • Individual Interview or Assessment Centre (group interview)
  • Follow up interview (if required)
  • Testing/Online Assessments
  • Pre-employment checks

Meeting with a recruiter is your opportunity to create a positive first impression. Consider how you present yourself, including the way you dress and your body language. All of our positions require either a uniform or business attire to be worn at all times.

Please bring the following to your interview:

  • 100 points of identification (drivers licence/proof of age card and Birth Certificate or Passport will be sufficient). In addition to supplying the necessary identification, (where relevant) a candidate will need to provide evidence that they have a legal entitlement to work in Australia.
  • Qualification documents and certificates relevant to the position (e.g. RSA, RCG).
  • Recent professional reference details (preferably supervisors/managers from a current employer – minimum 2 references).
  • A list of questions that you may have in relation to the role, department or the business.
  • A copy of your resume for you to refer to; or provide the Recruiter with an updated version.

During the interview, we ask a series of behavioural based interview questions that focus on the core competency areas of the position. You will be required to provide examples of experiences where you have demonstrated these behaviours. You will have the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the position and to ask your own questions of the interviewers!

Always allow sufficient travel time so you can arrive early and then relax! If you are unable to make your interview on time, please contact our Recruiter on 03 6335 5738 or HR Coordinator on 03 6335 5839.

Prefer to talk to a Recruiter?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Recruitment Consultant (in confidence) directly by phoning 03 6335 5738 or email

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